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-nixified icons and graphics-
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Just another icon journal. Taking is fine, obviously, but remember to credit quatre_vingts or the_nixinator (or any other name I post icons under--I'm the only one with posting access), and don't hotlink. Requests are welcome when I've posted a specific set and you want something similar (i.e., request Bowie icons in a Bowie icon post, but not Bollywood icons). Sometimes it may take a while as I do not own all the movies I cap/make icons for.

Blank icons are not bases unless marked as such; do not alter them. If you see a blank icon and want it jazzed up with a little text or a brush or something, let me know and I'll customize it for you. Please comment when you take icons and give feedback.

My icons will be themed mainly around the interests below, but that's a very limited list, so anything goes. I can make caps, so if you'd like to peruse my DVD list (I have anime, a few TV shows, some foreign flicks, and a variety of English-language movies) and make icon requests there, feel free.

Many brushes by me. Other resources:

amethystia100: decorative frames, Polaroids, fairy tales
unmasked_icons: border brushes
brithla_icons: shooting stars
scarsonchest: blurry text areas
liminalstate: vintage typewriter/newspaper
neke: floral masks
pixar_eve: random text
lipsofpoison: random brushes
wonderland__: "To Kill A King"
david_lucena: brush set 2
damnicons: grunge brushes
ownthesunshine: put it behind; stained coffee
amethystia: Nightwish lyric brushes
minusthewalrus: chunks
boogieland: textures
elijahelectra: decorative brushes
eggdrpsoup100: tiny text brushes
lostaddict: random text brushes, emotional disposition
phlourish_icons: masks and frames
wonderland__: deco borders
charmingjen: lyrical brushes
neke: paper brushes