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it's a crash course for the ravers

(like the video films we saw)

-nixified icons and graphics-


July 31st, 2006

Jack - 6
Liz - 6
Norrington - 3
Will - 1
Sparrabethington (heh) - 1
Sparrabeth - 7 (plus banner)
Norribeth - 13 (plus header)
Sparrington (sorta) - 2

swash swash buckle buckleCollapse )

April 10th, 2006

DVD list

On ur island
Here's a list of all the DVDs I have here with me at school. I can make caps from these and will do so on request--if you need a few caps, or want an icon made from your favorite scene, let me know. This list may expand when I'm home for the summer.

AnimeCollapse )

TVCollapse )

MoviesCollapse )

This list will be alphabetized and expanded (my boyfriend has a crap ton of DVDs as well) when I have time. Make your requests for icons from these DVDs here.
I FINALLY figured out how to take screencaps, w00t! In celebration, here are the first 27 of many icons from one of my favorite films, Bollywood's Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai. These are taken from the beginning of the film to just after "Chand Sitare".

I'd like to try using Devanagari on these icons. If anyone knows where I can find the lyrics (with English transcriptions at the very least), song titles, etc. in Devanagari, I'd love you forever.

kahaa naa pyaar hai!Collapse )

April 7th, 2006

David Bowie - "Queen Bitch"/"China Girl"/"Jump They Say"/"John, I'm Only Dancing"/"Thursday's Child"/"Blue Jean"

oh god i could do better than thatCollapse )
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